Styling button elements to look like links

Here’s a common scenario: you’re coding up a form with lots of buttons or need to add some elements that trigger JavaScript functions, and in the design comp some of these elements look like links. This article explains how you can make buttons look like regular text links using some neat CSS…

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CSS shaders: Cinematic effects for the web

Advances in HTML5 and CSS for example transitions, animations, transforms, text shadows, box-shadows, gradients, SVG have improved the graphical and interactive richness of HTML. SVG filter effects are now moving to Filter Effects 1.0 to become available in CSS and HTML, in addition to SVG, and will bring effects such as grayscale, sepia tone, or hue-rotate to all web content…

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Font-Embedding Icons: This Is a Big Deal

An article proposing the use of @font-face for displaying icons. I feel strongly about the potential of this method, so I thought I would take the time to generate a font set for Iconic and to talk about why we should all be using this method for displaying icons…

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