CSS Animation Spheres

Have you ever read an article that was watching you? Here’s your chance to do that (you’ll see what I mean when you view the article). A really detailed tutorial that explains how to use CSS border-radius, gradients and animations for impressive results…

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Using CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animation

First things first – these demos are showing of CSS transitions, transforms 2D and 3D and animations. Currently May 2010, transitions and 2D transforms are available in all current browsers at least in a dev build apart from Internet Explorer, 3D transforms and animations are only in Safari. Most examples degrade nicely, so if you are using a legacy browser you can still use a site using these, you just won’t get animation. 3D transforms generally don’t degrade nicely, so be careful when using them…

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Random Color CSS3 Animation

Ever since I wrote my first lines of code, I have had a strange interest in the functions that generate random numbers. and yes, I know actual random doesn’t exist Every time I just want to fool around with some code, you will find me popping in a random function in somewhere. So when I started playing around with CSS3 Animations the urge to use more random was always lurking around many a corner. I ended up writing a 50 frame CSS3 Animation that just looped through a bunch of random colors…

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